Anatolian Side’s Most Ambitious Project

“Akasya New Generation Life Complex” Launched

Akasya, the undertaking that delivers most recognized and appreciated Turkish and global brands to its guests, has launched as the most ambitious project across the Anatolian Side and Istanbul, offering diverse social life options, a 10-decare park and easy access by metro, metrobus and Marmaray lines.

Akasya is a highly-anticipated project, boasting 80 thousand square meters of rentable space. The complex brings together leading Turkish brands, while also acting as the gateway for globally-renowned brands to enter the Turkish retail space for the first time. Akasya launched on March 6th, Thursday, featuring large, roomy and daylight-receiving corridors inspired after the Bağdat Avenue for street shopping enthusiasts, and 15 cinema halls equipped with the cutting-edge, one of Europe’s biggest largest LG IMAX Hall.

Akasya hosts its visitors with a wide selection of industry leading brands in the areas of apparel, healthcare, beauty, cosmetics, footwear, bag, accessories, home decoration, café, restaurant and hypermarket. Akasya is where the famous French café&delicatessen brand Fauchon enters the Turkish retail space for the first time. Moreover, the leading U.S. home decoration brand Crate&Barrel meet its guests and the globally-renowned Victoria’s Secret presents featuring the full roster of its Secret Pink Collection.

The world’s number one kid's republic Kidzania is at Akasya!

Creator of the “edutainment” concept, by which children learn while having fun, KidZania is available in many parts of the world and has succeeded to become the world’s biggest children edutainment brand. Now it is poised to host its children guests at the age of 4-14 on a 10 thousand-square meter area inside Akasya!

The Exploration and Entertainment Republic KidZania, the industry’s fastest-growing and countless award-winning child brand, is a safe, unique and realistic child world allowing children at the age of 4-14 to play indoors assuming different roles in the thematic park scaled to their size.

In more than 60 areas of activity in KidZania, the children can assume more than 90 roles at different levels resonating with their skills and areas of interest, and can select whichever profession they want. After selecting the profession of their choice, they are informed about the profession, wear a real uniform and start the shift!

KidZania is an all-in-one world for children, offering fire department, bank, hospital, supermarket, stadium and archeological museum environments.

More Art at Akasya with Istanbul Foundatia for Culture and Arts (IKSV)

Internationally acclaimed artists, together with the young and most experienced teams of the Turkish music scene, will play at Akasya for music lovers, staging the classical music and jazz concerts that are organized under consulting from the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV). The most known NGO in arts & culture in Turkey for 41 years.

Recreational Fun at Akasya Acıbadem

In addition to shopping facilities, Akasya also offers a tasteful, enjoyable and privileged living space and new experience opportunities with planned events, exhibitions, and various shows.

Akasya for Definitive Cinema Experience

Akasya cinema halls are designed for state-of-art modernity and comfort. The cinema area has a unique design matching the shopping center concept, boasting a total of 15 cinema halls, including the cutting-edge, one of the Europe’s biggest largest-screen IG IMAX hall, ready to serve cinema lovers in Akasya.

Akasya is easily accessible

Akasya is located at the heart of Acıbadem, one of the elite neighborhoods of Istanbul’s Anatolian side and one of Istanbul’s central areas, combining its high standards with high accessibility. While there are only few development projects with direct metro access, Akasya is quite easy to reach with direct access to highways, metro lines and bridges.

In addition to the metrobus link, and links to Boğaziçi and FSM bridges and ring roads, investment has been made to build 7 tunnels, allowing access to Akasya parking lots from different grades. This marks one of the biggest private investments in road to facilitate access to a central location in the city.

Akasya Acıbadem is

  • 4 km from Boğaziçi Bridge, taking nearly 5 mins,
  • 4 km from Kozyatağı, taking nearly 5 mins,
  • is 10 km from Suadiye, taking nearly 7 mins,
  • and 15 km from Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, taking nearly 10 mins.

In addition to dedicated linking roads improving accessibility, a 450-m tunnel with moving walkways and access from within Akasya was developed for metro, metrobus and Marmaray links. The project has been designed in light of the widespread parking lot issue in Istanbul, and houses a 3,500-car indoors parking lot.

Award-Winning Project

The project part “Akasya Residence” received the “Highly-Commended Award” as the “Best High-Rise Architecture” of Europe in the European Property Awards 2012 - a recognition given while the project was ongoing. The Lake & Woods parcels of the project were also recognized in another prestigious awards program, MIPIM 2013, where it took to the “Best Residential Development” finales worldwide and was voted the first from among 32 projects with general public voting in the “People’s Choice Awards” category, where 50 thousand people voted.

Akasya and Akasya Residential Project is the only project of this size in Turkey to receive BREEAM certification, warranted by energy efficiency and smart use of resources, solutions addressing local issues, indoors air quality, health considerations, and use of systems mitigating the building’s long-term environmental impact.

About Saf Real Estatement investment Corp.

SAF REIC shapes its operation based on the strategy to contribute high-quality projects to the increasingly-growing Turkish real estate industry, and has quickly become one of most prestigious companies in the industry. With its debut project Akasya, SAF REIC has become a leading real estate investment partnership under the spotlight of investors and those wishing to own a first-class home. The company is committed to build on its established experience to continue designing and implementing industry-shaping, innovative projects supporting urban development and making life more enjoyable.

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